Thursday, 10 April 2014

From the Temporal Nexus to Earth - a modern day reality.

In the Temporal Nexus everything is just about perfect.  No one wants for anything.  Back here on earth, just about nothing is perfect and most want for something, even the most precious gift to life.
That would be water.

Fast forwarding to the present day in Nimmo Bay, we sometimes take water for granted, as it is in abundance and all around us.  Salt water, fresh water, spring water, ground water, rain water, and water water everywhere with lots to drink.  We use water to live on, to produce our power, to provide us with the basic element of life and we enjoy the beauty an on site mountain waterfall can give to us.

The salt water can provide us with flotation for our buildings, a fresh and abundant food supply and by using the tides, a method of moving extremely heavy objects without the least bit of effort on our part.  Our ocean bay has provided us with a lifestyle that only a handful of people have enjoyed over the last 150 years on this coast.  At one time the coast was alive with people, all seeking out a living on the ocean's inside passages.  Hand logging and commercial fishing were the start of life on the coast with small family units tied up in the bays and estuaries from Vancouver to beyond Prince Rupert.  There were floating dance halls that moved from camp to camp for the entertainment of the working families who lived and worked on this coast.  Floating schools and towns were built on the water to house the folks who made this coast their home and what it is today.  Water played an important role in everyday life for many years.

Today, the salt water is a highway for mariners who ply the mainland coast from below the 49th to Alaska.  It also is our playground at Nimmo Bay and plays an important role in our wilderness adventures.  Whale watching, kayaking, paddle boarding, marine touring and swimming are here for our guests to enjoy, and the beauty of coastal BC is ever so abundantly obvious once on the water for a days journey.

In March of this year, the Murray family went to Las Vegas as Clifton, our son and a member of the singing group The Tenors, was performing with Cirque du Soleil in a gala, one night performance called " One Night for One Drop ".

This was an event at the Michael Jackson Theatre at Mandalay Bay to raise money and awareness for the people throughout the world who do not have access to fresh drinking water.  The performers gave freely of their time and talents to bring home this message of want and need and to raise money for a worthwhile global cause.  This has been championed by Cirque folks for the second year and The Tenors and Clifton Murray were very proud to be able to participate.

Sitting in the audience watching the performance made me think of how lucky we are to be living in the Temporal Nexus of Nimmo Bay, surrounded by ocean water and with our own waterfall thundering down 5000 feet from the top of snow capped Mt. Stephens.  We are blessed with the sweetest, purest drinking water anyone can find on this planet.  It comes from the snowfields of the mountain and is filtered through mountains of BC granite, ending up flowing into Nimmo Bay.  We are fortunate enough to capture a bit of this magic elixir and have it for our drinking water and also to provide us with electricity and power for our family business.  Plus, how beautiful is it to have a sparkling waterfall flowing in your back yard.  One would think we were living in Rivendell as this is as close to a Temporal Nexus anyone could find on this planet.

Our environment is a healthy ocean and fresh water supply.  The basis of all life is the ability to access this water and it is the duty of everyone of us to keep as pristine as possible the thing that we need the most to sustain our life here on earth.  We ourselves are up to 78% water at birth so it stands to reason we must keep replenishing this supply of water in our bodies throughout our lives.  Diet Coke and Seven Up will never replace pure, sweet water.  We are living on the edge of loosing our environment and our water supplies.  What must we do to reverse this?  Many around the world are asking this question and the answers are being fought over by those who value money over life.

" In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. "  But what is Truth?  The simple truth is that our economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of our environment.  For without Water, all life ceases on this plant, even in the Temporal Nexus of Nimmo Bay.

The kitchen tap is not the source of all water.  Through education our children will know what it means to preserve what we have left of this life giving element known as water.  We must make it so.