Monday, 30 December 2013

In the beginning ........... a family's choice

It is thought that a Temporal rift exists as a place in the universe where time stands still.  It is an extraordinary place where peoples desires can become reality and they can visit any time or place they choose.  William Shatner  aka  James T Kirk has been there.  There is no past, present or future.  It is like being inside of joy.  Such a time rift also exists as the Great Bear Rain Forest.  William Shatner,  aka Denny Crane,  has been there as well. The giant trees, the diamond blue glaciers, the pristine rivers, the white sand beaches and the snow capped mountains appear to stand as they always have stood, viewed by us on any given day in this nexus.  But over the years human interruption has caused blemishes on this once perfect natural skin.  As the years pass, changes can be seen in the land and sea scapes, which if left unchanged, can and will cause those inhabitants who live there great sufferings.  If for example, the wild salmon and the great forests of this wilderness region die, so dies humanity.  Mankind has the ability to save this Temporal Nexus.

BC's Great Bear Rain Forest is a timeless thing of beauty, a place of beauty, and for those of us who live there, a home of beauty.  Nestled in and around the coast range mountains of BC this boreal forest and the surrounding waterways is home to many diverse creatures, including human beings like myself, my wife and children and new grandchild and our first nation neighbours, the Speck family of Hopetown.

For thirty five years I have lived and carved out a living doing unimaginable fun things in this place that reminds us how sensitive our planet is.  Nimmo Bay is where I chose to make our pioneer lifestyle a reality and combine raising a family with growing a business.  It was really quite simple.  Everything was supplied courtesy of mother nature.  All I needed to do as to make this vast wilderness accessible to people and to add in smiles, ultra fine local cuisine, excitement, magical wild fish, unmatched wilderness adventure and journeys from sea level to seven thousand feet throughout 50,000 square miles of untamed mainland and north Vancouver Island mountains and coastline.

Finding Nimmo is our families story book, telling of how and why this was done, but this blog is the beginning of a more indepth reasoning of the wherefore's and the why's of doing such a foolish thing in such a hard to get to place and the outcome and how it can continue from generation to generation and be sustainable.  How is it a wife with two children, ages 1 and 3, pulls up roots in a North Vancouver Island town and heads off into the vast regions of the mainland coast to follow her husbands desire to create a lifestyle for their family and a tourist business for all of them to participate in.  She 28 and he 34.  Oh yes, Deborah is from Newfoundland which gives her a leg up to do such as thing.  Hardy stock to say the least.

There will be some hard to answer questions asked of what will happen to the great Bear Rain Forest in the future and how politicians today are
making very foolish decisions that will impact his pristine place for future generations?   What can we do to offset their decisions of today.  Being able to breathe pure air and drink sweet water is a very big deal as 90% of the world cannot do this.  We can and that is worth fighting for.  Fauna, my new granddaughter is just 3 weeks old.  I want her to be able to catch a wild fish, marvel at the majesty of a huge cedar tree, swim in a clear, coastal fresh water river and watch a mother grizzly suckle her cub on the banks of a lightly silted glacial stream.  Will she be able to do this??  Only if myself and others who care about life speak out and let it be known that you can't eat money.  Our environment should not be for sale to those corporate entities who do not have our best interest at heart.  But this is is for another segment.  I'm just setting the stage here.

There will also be some great stories told that will make you smile and perhaps laugh out loud, about family,  people and places that most folks only read about and see in pictures.  Nature is a magnificent artist and her sculptures and creations defy replication but can be viewed via  the creative artistry of the Nimmo Bay wilderness adventures.

To Fly is Human ... To Hover, Divine

To be continued ........

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